The Darkest Minds

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Quote: Rudy Daly “This is so not like riding a bike.”

Plot: After an illness kills person under the age of 18, kids who survived the illness develop powers depending on what color their eyes are when using them. The colors are easy to understand, kids who display greens have enhance intelligent, blue have telekinesis, golden can generate electricity, red can generate and manipulation fire and kids who are orange can enter and control other minds. Red and oranges are highly dangerous while greens, blue and golden are not so dangerous. The government fear of the surviving children takes them away from their family and brings them to internment camps. A girl named Rudy Daly the only orange left because orange kids are killed on sight, escapes the camp and finds Liam a blue, Charles a green and Zu a golden who are traveling to a place where other like them can live free from the government.

Thoughts: I thought the movie was good. The characters were fine, the action was fine, and the story was entertaining. The camps right away give you a feeling of how the Jews were treated during the holocaust, because the kids are separated into group of kids with the same eye color as them. The actors were good, specially Amanda Stenberg who plays Rudy Daly. I have never seen any movies of her’s. But I really enjoy her in this movie, her character went from a person scared of letting someone touch her (because she can’t control her power by of skin touch) to willing erases her love interest’s (Liam) mind of her which was sad because I really wanted them to have a happy ending but that what happened in the book of the same.  The movie has received negative reviews by critics, I personally hope there’s a sequel in the future depending on how the DVD sells, Because I really would love to know where it goes from the ending of the movie. Anyway I for one strongly encourage you to go to see the movie while it’s still in theaters, Because it’s defensibly not a bad way to spend an hour in a theater seats.

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