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“Say my name so that my power flow through you.”

(Spoilers ahead)

Plot: A dying wizard calls on a trouble foster boy name Billy Batson to be his champion and grant Billy his powers in order to protect the world from the deadly seven sins and their champion a Dr. Sivana, who’s tying to get the wizard’s powers so he can be all powerful. But in order to access this power, Billy must to say the wizard’s name Shazam, each letter of the wizard’s name stands for the a Greek god which where the powers come from. S for Wisdom of Solomon, H for Strength of Hercules, A for the Stamina of Atlas (near-limitless resilience), Z for the Power of Zeus (lightning control and magical resistance), A for the Courage of Achilles (and near indestructibility), finally M for the Speed of Mercury (which also provides flight). By saying Shazam, lighting is stucks down at Billy. Turning him in his avatar form a adult version of him.

Thoughts: At first I thought the movie was going to be awful to me. But I actually enjoy it very much. The tone like Aquaman was lighter then pass DCEU movies. The story was good, having Billy begin as self made lone wolf in order to protect himself from being hurt while searching for his mom who thinks he left her but in actually she abandoned him because she couldn’t take care of him and end with him accepting his new family was good. My favorite part was when Billy’s foster siblings gets the same powers as him, especially when he tells them to say his name and they scream out “Billy!” was funny and awesome as the same time. The actor who was cast as main villain was a good choice, the actor does have a history of playing villains so of course he would be good at play evil. Probably what makes it work good, it’s not tie to those dark tone movies that the DCEU had. I very much enjoy the movie and if you are looking for a great time at the silver screen. Go and see Shazam.


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Following the battle of Steppenwolf, Arthur Curry aka Aquaman must go against his half brother Orm (in the comics he is know as Ocean Master and the the movie he’s the current king of Atlantis) who plans to go to war against the surface people which means us humans. In order the save his home and possibly take his place as the true king of Atlantis, Arthur and Mera (love interest) must find the Trident of Atlan, the first king of Atlantis. Along the way Arthur over comes his fears of being a child of two worlds embrace his role as king.

I enjoyed the movie, first out I didn’t really want to see it with DCEU not having the best of luck with their shared universe unlike the MCU with the exception of the movie Wonder Woman which was a start of process in the right path. Then after hearing the purchase of tickets for the movie were very high demand and the trailer sold me on seeing it. Those the movie got criticism for the convoluted plots with having two villains ( one being Orm and the other being Black Manta, one of Aquaman’s villains. In the movie he was a pirate who father was killed by Arthur himself) and digue which I had to agree with the dialogue. There were times it was similar to a soap opera’s, I agree the story. With the even incredible actor Jason Momoa return as the titled role was one of the highlights of the Justice League movie. I mean when Jason came out of the water fell in full costume with the trident was beyond fucking awesome. But I do have admit he did look ridiculous with the orange and green colors. Then again I can’t denied he also did look awesome with the suit on. I also enjoy the relationship with Mera and Arthur. The audience briefly met her in Justice League, she was far from being his love interests with her disliking of him and the way he spoke about his mother/her queen. In this time the disliking still there and her view of him being the true king is to her a joke but over the course of the movie she view h charge to the point of him truly worthy of the throne. And I did like even those they were in battle she still kiss him and he was really catch off guard did made it a little better. To wrap this up, Aquaman was a surprise hit at the box office with a sequel and a spin off focus on one of the creatures feature in the movie, does show the movie proves that Aquaman isn’t a totally joke for only have powers similar to SpongeBob. Any who I’m looking forward to the upcoming movies and when this movie comes out on DVD.

The Darkest Minds

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Quote: Rudy Daly “This is so not like riding a bike.”

Plot: After an illness kills person under the age of 18, kids who survived the illness develop powers depending on what color their eyes are when using them. The colors are easy to understand, kids who display greens have enhance intelligent, blue have telekinesis, golden can generate electricity, red can generate and manipulation fire and kids who are orange can enter and control other minds. Red and oranges are highly dangerous while greens, blue and golden are not so dangerous. The government fear of the surviving children takes them away from their family and brings them to internment camps. A girl named Rudy Daly the only orange left because orange kids are killed on sight, escapes the camp and finds Liam a blue, Charles a green and Zu a golden who are traveling to a place where other like them can live free from the government.

Thoughts: I thought the movie was good. The characters were fine, the action was fine, and the story was entertaining. The camps right away give you a feeling of how the Jews were treated during the holocaust, because the kids are separated into group of kids with the same eye color as them. The actors were good, specially Amanda Stenberg who plays Rudy Daly. I have never seen any movies of her’s. But I really enjoy her in this movie, her character went from a person scared of letting someone touch her (because she can’t control her power by of skin touch) to willing erases her love interest’s (Liam) mind of her which was sad because I really wanted them to have a happy ending but that what happened in the book of the same.  The movie has received negative reviews by critics, I personally hope there’s a sequel in the future depending on how the DVD sells, Because I really would love to know where it goes from the ending of the movie. Anyway I for one strongly encourage you to go to see the movie while it’s still in theaters, Because it’s defensibly not a bad way to spend an hour in a theater seats.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

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Scott Lang: Hold on, you gave her wings?
Dr. Hank Pym: And Blasters.
Scott Lang: So I take it you didn’t have that tech available for me?
Dr. Hank Pym: No, I did.

Plot: Under house arrest, Scott Lang (play by Paul Rudd) is asked to help Hope and Hank Pym (Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas) find rescue her mom Janet van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer) from the Quantum Realm. Awhile Ghost(Hannah John-Kamen) trying to use the machine the Pyms plan to use to go the realm.

Review: I enjoyed it, the movie was a little better than the first. The humor was good but the movie was mostly action which was very good. But one thing to note is that the commercials depicted an total different movie then it was. One commercial made me think that Ghost came from the Quantum Realm and was released by Hope. Another made me believe that Ghost was go to damage the world, even before I saw the movie. I thought to myself “What harm can she do, that Thanos has already done in Infinity War.” Anyway, the sequel didn’t shadow it’s first movie, but the sequel is still an enjoyable ride until it’s end. For the short time I forget what going to happened at the end. If you see Infinity War then you know what mean, if you haven’t see it then the scene will not make any sense to and you will be in for a surprise.

Deadpool 2

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Cable: Dubstep’s for pussies!

Wade Wilson: You’re so dark. Are you sure you’re not from the DC universe?

If you like the first Deadpool movie, then you’re going to love its sequel. The sequel brought the laugher, refences, the 4th wall breaking, and they double it all for this movie. The film about Wade Wilson aka Deadpool (portrayed by the great and perfect for the role Ryan Reynolds) protecting a young mutant name Russell from Cable a time traveling mutant (portrayed Josh Brolin from The Goones, which in my option was a good choice for the role.), Cable traveled from the future to kill Russell before Cable’s family dies by the hands of future Russell. The film features an appearance from blink and miss it camos from the X-Men and Brad Pritt. No, I’m not mess with you he’s in it.

Now what I liked about the sequel because the portrays of Deadpool and Cable were beyond great, they’re like classic buddy-cops characters from 80’s movies with one cop being the class clown and the other cop being completely the opposites or my brother and I. And the sequel’s borrowed the mid/post credits scenes from the MCU and made them with their own brand of humor. The characters were great especially two characters Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Domino, Domino with her back-and-forth banter she not dealing with Deadpool like two siblings, matter of fact it reminds me of my relationship with my closest siblings and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, in the film she’s in a same-sex relationship with a fellow mutant and I just like it because it’s different from the usual style where there boy, girl relationship. It’s more realistic to her character and it a milestone in the LGBTQ Community. To end this review, go this movie. You will have a great time.

Ready Player One

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What can I say about ready player one that I dislike about it, none thing I really like it.  I like the special effects and the characters. And if your a science fiction nerd, your going to love it. Now the plot follows Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) as he try to find three keys to get the “Easter Egg” left by the late creator of the OASIS, a virtual reality world that allow people to escape from their poor reality. The creator announced a contest in which whoever finds the three keys to the gate that hides the “Easter Egg”, will have complete ownership and control of the OASIS. Basely whoever controls the OASIS, will control the world!!!!!! And of course there’s industries that want the “Easter Egg” so they can have the OASIS. Anyway back to the one of the main characters. Wade and his friends try to get the “Easter Egg” before the industries can. They find the first key by winner a race, the second key was find in the recreation of a little movie call The Shining and third/final key was earn by winning a old video game call Adventures. Wade wins the contest and shares ownership of the OASIS with his friends.

In my option, Ready Player One is a very great science fiction movie. It has references movies from the past decades. Which to me, is why it’s a great movie. And like other movies, the messages the movie makes is that people need to take a leap of faith in life, so at the end you don’t have anything that you said to yourself “I wish I did that, why didn’t I do that?” Which the creator of the OASIS had at the end if his/her life. Want my two cents, go and see Ready Player One. You going to have a great time or a bad time, I don’t. Just think about it seeing the movie and form your own option of the movie.

CM Young

The Greatest Showman review

Hello people of the inter-webs, I am the honest, artistic and single. C.M. Young and I’m going to dazzle you with The Greatest Showman review – what I like, dislike about it and my thoughts of it. (Spoilers ahead if you haven’t see it and want please stop reading this then go see it and back here because I get very lonely, if you have or don’t care to see it continue on my friends.) Okay for those who are left, thank you and tell me do you wanna go? Where it’s covered in all the colored lights, Where the runaways are the night? Because it was amazing and I loved it. If you can forget all the historic inaccuracies with the real PT Barnum and the wrongful treatment of the animals, you’ll enjoy it the movie.

But first off let’s begin with what the movie is about. The Greatest Showman is about the story of PT Barnum (portrayed by the great Hugh Jackman) starting Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, but in the movie it’s just know as the Barnum’s Circus during the late 19 century and at the beginning of the movie the song The Greatest Show showed Barnum dancing and singing as the people cheer, and then we are shown a flashback as a young Barnum is full with dreams of a greater life for me and a young Charity, Barnum’s future wife. Then as a adult he and his family are very poor and not live the life he promised Charity. From that now we see how the Circus of “freaks” with a what some people of that period called them, (The Circus features a three leg man, a dog boy, a “Irish” giant, bearded lady, twins who both have albinism and African acrobat brother and sister duo. The sister is named Anne Wheeler a trapeze artist (portrayed by the lovely Zendaya.) takes off with large audiences while receiving poor reviews. As Barnum is blinded by the cheers of the people, he loses his way and lost everything when the building houses the circus is burn down to none thing and “cheating” on his wife with Jenny Lind a famous opera singer. At his lowness point, the “freaks” he tried to distance himself after he gains favor with the aristocratic patrons he longed for as a low class child, the “freaks” remain him that it wasn’t the reason why he started the circus in the first. It ends with the same song as it begun with a new circus place and Barnum gives full control of the circus to his partner Philip Carlyle (a playwright who is portrayed by Zac Efron.) so he focus on his family.

Now to my review: What worked was the right choice of casting Hugh Jackman as the title character. Hugh Jackman was the great showman with his amazing singing voice, he portrays Barnum as a man who wants his children to not suffered what he want through as a child who was looked down because of what his family’s status in that period of society, who loves his wife and two daughters and can clearly see the showman within him even before the circus. I also liked Zac Efron and Zendaya’s characters, the small star-cross lovers subplot was amazing, that was my favorite part of the movie. When I hear Never Enough — another song from the movie — I can still see Philip reach to hold Anne’s hand and feel sad when he pulls back after notices his parents nearby. Because, well, everyone knows that in time period African Americans were not treated with the upmost respect, they are only seen as “the help” as Philip’s father puts it and a interracial couple was more then taboo back than. But I do admit that the intimacy those characters had was beyond great. But I do also have to admit that we were suppose to believe that Anne would love Philip right away. Someone like her in that time period doesn’t simply fall in love with someone on a dime especially a white man who in that period look down on African Americans. Where as we can clearly see Philip became enchanted by this beautiful vixen. Which is total unrealistic of the time period. That was the only thing I disliked about the movie. Besides that I love it, I love the story and the music. My favorite songs from the soundtrack has to be The Great Show, A Million Dreams, Come Alive, This is Me (which won a best original song at the Golden Globe Wards), Rewrite the Stars and From on Now. The movie was so good, I saw it again a week after the first time. Good movie for the family to watch. I would seriously recommend it to my friends to go and see it.