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“Say my name so that my power flow through you.”

(Spoilers ahead)

Plot: A dying wizard calls on a trouble foster boy name Billy Batson to be his champion and grant Billy his powers in order to protect the world from the deadly seven sins and their champion a Dr. Sivana, who’s tying to get the wizard’s powers so he can be all powerful. But in order to access this power, Billy must to say the wizard’s name Shazam, each letter of the wizard’s name stands for the a Greek god which where the powers come from. S for Wisdom of Solomon, H for Strength of Hercules, A for the Stamina of Atlas (near-limitless resilience), Z for the Power of Zeus (lightning control and magical resistance), A for the Courage of Achilles (and near indestructibility), finally M for the Speed of Mercury (which also provides flight). By saying Shazam, lighting is stucks down at Billy. Turning him in his avatar form a adult version of him.

Thoughts: At first I thought the movie was going to be awful to me. But I actually enjoy it very much. The tone like Aquaman was lighter then pass DCEU movies. The story was good, having Billy begin as self made lone wolf in order to protect himself from being hurt while searching for his mom who thinks he left her but in actually she abandoned him because she couldn’t take care of him and end with him accepting his new family was good. My favorite part was when Billy’s foster siblings gets the same powers as him, especially when he tells them to say his name and they scream out “Billy!” was funny and awesome as the same time. The actor who was cast as main villain was a good choice, the actor does have a history of playing villains so of course he would be good at play evil. Probably what makes it work good, it’s not tie to those dark tone movies that the DCEU had. I very much enjoy the movie and if you are looking for a great time at the silver screen. Go and see Shazam.