A Quiet Place

(To Lee, referring to their children)
 Who are we if we can’t protect them? We have to protect them. Promise me
Lee: I promise.

Movie Summary:

If you are looking for a new take on horror movies, then A Quiet Place is the movie for you. The movie is film is written and directed by John Krasinski (The Office, The Hollars) and stars Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe. Throughout the movie, the family was trying to hide from blind creatures that hunt by using their hypersensitive hearing. In other words – silence means survival and has never sounded so terrifying.

The movie opens on the Abbot family, who communicates mostly through sign language, tip toeing bare foot through an abandoned store. The mother was looking for a medication for their first son, while their deaf daughter was walking around with their youngest son. The youngest son found a toy rocket that made a lot of noise when a button was pressed. Being roughly 5 or 6 years old, he was not able to fully understand why he couldn’t have the toy. Their father signed to the youngest boy that he cannot take the rocket with them because it is too loud. He then sets it back down. When their father turned his back to get ready to leave the store, the sister handed the youngest boy the rocket and put her finger to her lips to indicated to keep quiet. While they are walking back to their campsite, the youngest boy presses a button on the rocket – which emitted a loud noise. The father immediately turned around to run and grab the boy. Before he could get to him, he was tackled and killed by one of the creatures.

The movie fast forwards some time into the future, at this point in the film, the mother is preparing to give birth. The father is trying to figure out how to defeat the creatures that are hunting them and attempting to get someone to respond to his SOS. A brief time later the mother gives birth while her other two kids are out in the middle of the night. The creatures are hunting around where they are hiding, and it is incredibly tense. To avoid the possibility spoiling the end of the movie, I will stop summarizing the film there.

What I liked about the movie:

There are so many things that I liked about this movie. I really liked the camerawork and how much it captured the scenery. Another thing that was wonderful about this movie was the fact that John Krasinski made sure that the actress that was really deaf played his deaf daughter. It made it seem more genuine, and I heard a rumor that Millicent Simmonds taught the other actors sign language. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like that the plot of the movie focused on only four characters, but I surprisingly really enjoyed it. The final thing that I liked about the movie was the fact that Millicent’s character acted out like a typical child would despite the situation her family was in.

Overall, I highly suggest that you see the movie in theaters. It is definitely a movie that needs to be experienced in a theater with other people.

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