Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

You’re in love with a weirdo. That makes you a weirdo by association.”- Ted Bundy(Efron) to Liz in a more light-hearted context.

Extremely Wicked, Shocking Evil and Vile is the latest movie/documentary to tell the story of real-life serial Killer Ted Bundy, played here by former teen heart-throb Zac Efron. This incarnation draws inspiration from the memoir of Bundy’s once girlfriend, Elizabeth Kendall, played by Lilly Collins.

The movie is quite good, buoyed by strong performances but does not completely avoid questionable decisions of focal points.

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Bad Match

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The Netflix movie Bad Match is listed as a scary and suspenseful movie. What it should have been listed as is downright awful.

The movie is about a guy named Harris who uses a knock off version of Tinder called Head Over Heels to have one night stands with women. He is a self-absorbed individual who does not care about anyone’s feelings but his own. He matches with a girl named Riley Miller who ends up getting quite attached to Harris after their night of passion. He tries to ignore her, but she keeps trying to contact him through text, phone call, and his work phone. When he tells her that he does not feel the same, she pretends to attempt suicide to get him to come over to her house. When he gets there, and tries to get her to come to, she opens her eyes. She then says, “Gotcha!”. He tells her that what she did was messed up, and then tells her to never contact him again. From there, his life begins to spiral out of control. He gets fired from his job for posting negative tweets about his job on Twitter, and he claims that he did not post them. Additionally, he gets arrested because there was child pornography found on his laptop, which he also claims to not have downloaded. He gets arrested, and is told by his lawyer to plead guilty (where he could potentially get off with a fine). Harris insists that he did not download anything of that sort. His friend bails him out of jail. From here, things become hectic, disorganized, and ridiculous. He tries to get Riley to confess to hacking his account, and to downloading the child pornography. He goes to great lengths to do this. He even creates a fake identity to contact her after she filed a restraining order against him. He kidnaps Riley, and holds her hostage at his former workplace. They get into an altercation, and long story short, he kills her. The final scene is him getting a phone call from his lawyer saying that he is off the hook for the charges because someone he trash talked online during a video game was the one who hacked his Twitter, and downloaded child pornography on his computer. A security guard sees him sitting next to the dead body, and calls for back up.

There were a lot of things I disliked about this movie. One of them is how quickly everything escalates. Everything happens at an unusually fast pace, and goes from 0 – 100 at the drop of a hat. The second thing I disliked was that the character named Riley faked a suicide attempt to get Harris to come over to her house to check on her. That is beyond messed up, and sheds a negative light on mental illness. Additionally, it says to people that those who attempt suicide are either joking about it, or trying to get attention. It is messed up, and should not have happened. A third thing I disliked was that someone essentially ruined Harris’s life over a small insult exchanged online through a video game. It was small in the grand scheme of things. The consequences of not only Harris’s actions, but also the insulted gamer’s actions ruined two people’s lives. A fourth thing I disliked was that Harris took matters into his own hands, and killed Riley. He should have left things up to the authorities and his lawyer. If he hadn’t jumped to conclusions, Riley wouldn’t be dead, and he would have been off the hook eventually.

There was not much that I liked about the movie. I liked how his friends called Harris out on his shenanigans. They told him he was using the girls he matched with on Head Over Heels for sex without any regard for their feelings.

Overall, it is not the best movie on Netflix. I suggest the next time you are going to watch something on Netflix that you swipe left on Bad Match. One thing that I can say for sure is that it is still a better love story than Twilight.